About Cheryl Cowtan

Cheryl R Cowtan Writer
Cheryl Cowtan Author/ Educator

I love to write stories of strong, but flawed,  characters caught in macabre situations. I’m a discovery writer, which means I build my characters and then throw them into difficult situations and see what they do. It’s like playing gladiator with your own creations. Characters have to follow their characterization, so they have only so many choices when faced with adversity.

In “The Fergus She” , my main character, Rachel is a product of neglect and abuse, and at 20 she’s just barely holding onto her sanity. Whisky and risky sex helps her stay out of her head, but does not prepare her for what’s to come: a drop-dead hunky highlander intent on seducing her, the recognition that she’s surrounded by friends who aren’t who they seem, and the cold, hard fact that she’s not crazy after all. It’s much, much worse than that.

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Read more examples of bizarre experiences my poor characters have to overcome at my web site.

In order to be a good writer, I have to first be a good reader. As I journey along in my “growth” research, I’ll have lots to say about the interesting ideas and stories I encounter. This blog is dedicated to those musings.

If you are interested in the craft of writing, marketing and publishing, please see my other blog Cheryl Cowtan on Writing. For more about me and my creative writing, please go to http://www.cherylcowtan.com.

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